F*CK OFF | Citronella | Soy and Bees Wax Blend

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Citronella in a soy/bees wax blend. Perfect for the outdoors to keep away the pesky bugs! 

Available in 16oz paint can. *label may differ from photo.

Homemade, hand poured with all natural soy/bees wax, wood wicks and fine fragrance oils. 

It fills my heart to be able to support another local business to make these products! Bees Wax purchased from Bee My Honey Co. operating out of Nanton Ab! You can find their products at The Hive in Nanton! 

WARNING: These are OUTDOOR candles, use caution when handling container as it can get very warm, never burn for more than 4 hours straight. Never leave candles unattended and always burn on a heat resistant surface.